Brianna Hum

I am so satisfied with Winning Is Earned! Israel Lasure has been informative about different methods for trading, including his own personal experiences. I have a solid understanding of the risk and the values for investing! Highly recommended!

Christian Alvarado

I am very pleased with the services izzy provides. He actually answers all your questions with great customer service. A great teacher !

Calvin Morris

I met Israel when we were young, fun loving, immature adolescents. We loved to do everything a normal kids liked to do. Party, socialize, video games, movies, talk to girls, and even try to make music. With a lot of moving pieces and people Israel and I seemed to see eye to eye on one subject more than any of those other things. It was the idea of attaining wealth and using our skills to collaborate. It got to a point where he and I would bounce ideas off one another for hours at parties where there were plenty of other “fun things to be doing.” It seems apparent at that point both he and I were on the same wavelength as far as what we knew was important. We had ideas some decent some terrible and we should never revisit. However, one thing was obvious, we made each other think. We actually would challenge each other to use our brains in a way school hadn’t taught us. Time passes, things happened. I went my way and he went his. It seems like the universe pulled us together to be partners. I’ve watched Israel practically grow up during the most crucial years of his life and vice versa. Right before my eyes I’ve seen physical evidence of Israel dedicated to his studies, starve to succeed, and strive to educate. I truly believe as a student currently attending college and on the deans list. Israel is more than capable of educating not only in a way that humans aren’t familiar with, but in an effective way. I have met many successful people. I have met many people who have much ambition. There are many in this world who are successful. But what makes a person “Great” and not just wealthy, successful, etc… In my book and I believe others would agree it’s a person who reaches that success, has the ambition, obtains wealth, but has one extra ingredient. That ingredient is helping others along the way reach their own definition of success. Israel will always give you the time of day. He will listen, observe, understand, and give warranted advice. He truly wants others to be great alongside him. That is what it means to join the winning is earned movement. Not to just obtain wealth, success, etc… to be a partner to all. Israel is the walking and breathing example of that. That is my personal experience with Israel and the winning is earned brand. I assure you others would say the same.

Andreas bey

Definitely by far a great teacher and very motivated. He makes me want to be right and be better so thank you !

Drew Zitomer

Izzy is up next! My guy has the attitude, ambition, and outlook of a winner. When you’re knowledgeable, but hungry for more, that’s what winning is earned is about. KEEP THIS TREND GOING!

Michael Marotta

Izzy has been a life long friend I’ve had who has always had the strongest determination I have ever seen. He is really great with finances, and helped me build my credit to an even greater level and allowing me more financial freedom. Come earn your W today.

Haley Helveston

Work with Isreal!! He was amazing to work with! I have enjoyed seeing him grow into the successful businessman that he is today. I can’t wait to see how far he grows in the future.

Aubrey G.

I really enjoy your brand. It’s really inspired me in my everyday life. It’s actually changed me as a person. You are very knowledgeable 🙌🏼

Ramone Denson

Thank you so much for your service, I appreciate all the help. To everyone in the Lgbtq+ community, he’s amazing no judgement zone over here. Keep up the amazing work my guy. Thank You!

Zeukhari P.

Israel is one of the most brightest people I’ve ever met! His passion, drive and knowledge is out of this world. Can’t forget about the energy!!! Nothing but great vibes come from him! His ambition to teach like minded individuals the fundaments of investment , stocks, and even life! I’m truly grateful I came across him to learn and mold my future for top success. Winning is earned! And Israel is a great teacher / mentor

Freya Cox

Israel Lasure is super professional he focused on meeting my needs , and even tailored his training towards my goals. Overall he is a very flexible coach and truly invested in seeing his clients win.

Steven Reyes

Isreal Lasure is a very motivational person. I’ve noticed he’s determined to see other succeed. Down to earth person, with a bright future! – W

Kayla S.

Isreal takes his time with you, and is willing to work around alternative schedules. I love how he keeps me on track, and makes sure I fully understand by going into detail. I would highly recommend seeking him as a mentor and coach!


WinningIsEarned objective is helping you, and others develop a growth mentality reaching that full potential for whatever you wish to achieve!

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